Swedish Massage     

Our Swedish massage can be tailored to suit all preferences in pressure, and is a great jumping-off point for anyone new to body work. Swedish is the tried-and-true relaxation modality, and is perfect for those of us who don’t enjoy the more intensive work of a deep tissue or sports massage. Come in and let us help you unwind with a full-body experience done exactly to your specifications.

Sports Massage

For you, or the athlete in your life, sports massage is an immensely beneficial supplement to any workout routine. Intense physical activity causes wear and tear on the body, and keeping your joints and muscles healthy throughout your training is paramount to long-term success. Our Sports Massage sessions will aid in recovery, help to keep muscle and joint adhesions in check and provide thorough, comprehensive pre- or post-workout flexibility and mobility assistance.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are areas of hyper-contracted tissue in the fibers of our muscles, often what people are referring to when they talk about having “knots”. Trigger point therapy can be thought of as a “seek and destroy” mission, in which we isolate these points in the fascia and attempt to relax them by applying direct pressure to the affected area. When appropriately utilized, trigger point therapy is extremely effective in releasing knotted up muscle tissue.

Clinical Deep Tissue Massage

Contrary to what many believe, deep tissue massage is not synonymous with agony! In its simplest terms, deep tissue is a collection of techniques that allow us to access what is beneath the most superficial layer of muscle tissues and fascia in your body and assist with any dysfunction we may find there. It is a broad, versatile modality and can be made to work for almost anyone. Book with us today and let us help you on your journey to total-body wellness.

TMJD-Targeted Massage Treatment

For those who clench or grind their teeth, TMJD is an ever-present, nagging irritation that can lead to a host of health issues, including chronic headaches and tooth damage. Targeting the intricate musculature of the face, jaw and neck, we can persuade those areas to relax, allowing for long-term benefits. Without direct soft tissue manipulation to assist in retraining the muscles of the jaw to loosen, TMJD treatments are often less effective and much more short lived than they need to be! Let our therapists be a helping hand on your road to recovery.

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